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The journal of Yokobue Tayuya

Yokobue Tayuya
15 February
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The leader of a local gang of Yankees, Tayuya is loud, brash, and has the dirtiest mouth this side of the country. While her grades certainly don't project her as the image of academia, Tayuya is incredibly smart and has been known to, on rare occasion, outwit even the top-ranking students at Konoha High. It's nearly a pity that she has little to no care about her grades; as long as she passes, Tayuya finds no need to put forth any further effort.

While none know of where Tayuya came from exactly, one can safely assume that she'd been living on the streets before she came to Konoha High. She was a near-prodigy at age seven with her flute, and while she has also taken up the bass guitar, her love for the flute never changes; it is what one might see as her softer side, but can hardly be considered so with the way she plays.

- - -

[Character journal for Tayuya at konoha_high. Tayuya's likeness is of Aikawa Nanase. Tayuya is played by baked_miwa.]